KIP Copy & Print Plus expands the capabilities of the KIP 70 Series System by connecting to up to three networked color printers.

Full Size Color Preview with Super View | Guest Printer Connection via IP Address | Quick Closed Loop Calibration for Accurate Document Reproduction | Simultaneous Operation of Color and B&W Functions | Real Time Image Preview | Full Screen Color Preview | Advanced Color Image Enhancement | Preview Color Adjustments


Sharing online content via popular Cloud Services has become a critical collaboration tool. Scan to and print from the cloud directly at the multi-touch display.

Select from Multiple Cloud Services | Print from KIP Cloud Connect | Scan to KIP Cloud Connect | Unlimited Cloud Connections | Single or Multiple Files | Choose Files from Multiple Cloud Services for Single Print Job | Easy Configuration from Multi-Touch Screen | Collated Sets Printing


Designed for Windows® PC´s, KIP PrintPro is an intuitive system management and print submission application for the complete range of KIP Color and B&W Systems.

Multiple Copies or Collated Sets | WYSIWYP Image Preview | Individual File Settings for Job Matrix Templates | Multi-Page Settings | Color Adjustments and Filter Selections | Email Notification | Customize Job Build Matrix Windows | Document Folding and Stamping | HPGL Pen Preset Selection | Windows® 7/8 and Vista Compatible (32 and 64 Bit) | Customize System and Folder Presets | Manage Print Queue | KIP Secure Print


KIP PrintPro.NET provides KIP Color and B&W Systems with the most feature rich browser based print submission and system management application on the market.

Multiple Copies or Collated Sets | WYSIWYP Image Preview | Individual File Settings for Job Matrix Templates | Multi-Page Support | Color Adjustments and Filter Selections | Email Notification | Document Folding and Stamping | HPGL Pen Preset Selection | Transfer Files from KIP Printer Mailbox | Customize System and Folder Presets | Manage Print Queue and User Settings | KIP Secure Print


KIP Graphic Express is a full featured RIP for graphic and technical production printing on KIP Color Systems that fully supports graphic and technical production printing.

Unlimited Workstation Licenses | B&W, Grayscale and Color Printing | Job Editor for Mixed B&W and Color Sets | Multi-Page PDF/TIF | Filter Editor for Color Control | ICC Profile Support for CMYK and RGB Color Management | Factory /Custom Media Profiles | Nesting Single and Multiple Images | Automatic Horizontal and Vertical Paneling | Area of Interest (Zoom to Area and Print) | B&W and Color Editing Tools | Job Monitor


KIP Smart Print & Smart Scan are flexible approaches to delivering print and scan services – one that responds to mobile business needs by providing a driverless cloud solution.

Submit Print Ready Files via Email Attachments | Works with any Web Enabled KIP Printer | Print B&W or Color Documents | Scan Full Size Documents | Choose an Area of Interest | Remote Scan Auto-Archived or Printed by KIP Printer | Optional Keywords Provide Expanded Flexibility


The KIP Windows® Driver Pro is Microsoft WHQL certified, meeting exact standards of reliability and quality.

Fast Spooling for Multiple Copies or Sets | Displays Real Time System Status | Information Set Collation | Provides Current Media Information | Media Selection | Secure PIN Printing | Send Job on Hold | Save Templates | Brightness Adjustment | Unlimited Image Quality Presets | Pen Preset Selection


The KIP certified AutoCAD Driver provides integrated printing from within Autodesk software applications such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and DWG TrueView.

Fully Compatible with Current Versions of AutoCAD | True HDI AutoCAD Driver | 32 and 64 Bit Operating System Compatibility | Real Time Media Status | Custom Media Size Configuration | Media Saving by Auto Rotation | Advanced Color Mode Image Type Selection | Dither Pattern Control for B&W Lines vs Aerial


The KIP Accounting Center consolidates control of user account data and printing rules for all Copy, Print and Scan activities for KIP Color and B&W Systems. All Systems K Print Submission Apps are integrated with KIP Accounting Center.

Username and Two Customizable Fields | Import User Data Using LDAP | Clear Fields After Each Job Submission | ASCII Import/Export | Easily Update User, Project and Department Data | Automated KIP System Update via Scripting | Password Protect any or all Data Entries | No Special Data Servers Required


The KIP Cost Center application retrieves extensive log files directly from KIP Systems and automatically generates production reports for user, project and department level accounting data.

Integrated with all KIP Apps and Touchscreen Systems | Track Color and B&W Copy, Scan and Print | Easy to Understand Graphical Reports | Average Toner Coverage by Percent | Daily Print and Scan Volume for Color and B&W | User, Project and Department Categories | Access the Details of the Last 100 Jobs | KIP Toner Costs by Color and B&W | KIP Maintenance Costs | KIP Scanner Costs by Color and B&W


KIP offers customers two solutions to secure the KIP Systems using contactless card readers.

Contactless Card System: Standard FeliCa Cards | Various Contactless NFC Tokens and Cards | NFC Forum – Certified Card Reader | User Authentication Linked to Card/NFC Token | Load User and System Presets | Load User Cloud and SMB Credentials | Track Usage by Card/NFC Token | Release User Jobs at Touchscreen | KIP Accounting Center Integration | KIP Cost Center Integration

Common Access Card Solution: Enables/Disables Network Access | Designed for Easy Installation | Meets Homeland Presidential Security Directive (HSPD-12) | Local and Network User Authentication Using LDAP or Active Directory | Netgard MFD In-Line Network Appliance


The KIP Printer Status application is the ideal solution for providing centralized status updates and information to administrators and users over a local or Wide Area Network.

SNMP Communication to KIP Printer | PC Based Windows® 7/8 Application | Monitor Status of KIP Printers | Auto Detect KIP Printer (LAN) | Visual Notification for Machine Status | View all KIP Printers on a Single Screen | Automated Meter Read


At KIP, security it paramount. As a world leader in the development of digital wide format production technology, KIP is committed to keeping digital information safe and secure.

Image Overwrite | Removable Hard Disk Drive Accessory Kit | System K Operating System Windows® Embedded System 7 | Standard Security Updates | Data Encryption and Virus Scanning Applications | KIP Secure Print


KIP Color Advanced Copy and Scan features simple scan-to-file controls, basic collated sets copying and printing to KIP Color Systems with easy to use Color Management Tools.

B&W and Color Scan to File / Scan to Email | B&W and Color Copy to KIP Systems | Simple Filter Editor and Image Preview | Closed Loop Calibration


KIP Color Express is a professional wide format Copy, Print and Scan Software providing a complete suite of features for high resolution Color and B&W copying, scan-to-file and RIP applications.

B&W and Color Scan to File / Scan to Email | B&W and Color Copy to KIP Systems | Professional Grade Filter Editor and Image Preview | Closed Loop Calibration | Full Image Editor | Job Editor for Mixed B&W and Color | KIP Accounting Center Integration | KIP Cost Center Integration


All system functions are performed through an integrated, 12.1" multi-touch tablet-like color display to Copy, Print and Scan both color and black & white documents.

Vivid 12.1" Color Multi-Touch Display | Fully Articulating Viewing Angle | Print, Copy and Scan in B&W and Full Color* | Super View for Swipe, Pinch, Spread and Rotate | Print Directly from Removable Media, the Cloud and Local Mailboxes | Full Color User Guides | Integrated Print Previews | On-screen Set Copy Editor | Manage History Queue | Optional KIP Color Plus for Copy and Print in Full Color*

KIP ImagePro

KIP ImagePro is a powerful suite of software that improves efficiency with controlled workflow automation in high demand environments while producing faster turn-around times.

Brilliant Multi-Tasking | KIP Smart Stacking | Advanced Area of Interest Printing | Intelligent PDF Job Validation | High Definition Viewing | Customizable Interface for Personalized View & Tools | Easy Deployment


The KIP Tiers offers flexible color and black & white usage reporting, by coverage percentage. Default reporting displays three color tiers and two black & white - with the option to customize the tiers and their ranges.

KIP Tiers offers users a visual display of the usage in segments on the KIP Touchscreen or printed on the KIP printer. Information can be transmitted by email using the System Preset configuration within KIP Image Pro.

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